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Solar Panel Installation
Installation of a Solar Industries Solar Pool Heating system is simple, yet results in a durable and long-lasting system for years to come. Though most solar pool heating systems are roof-mounted, they should be installed anywhere they can be in the sun a good portion of the day. Ideally, solar collectors should be mounted to face south. However, depending on the angle of the mounting surface, east and west facing systems can function equally as well.

Solar Pool Heating systems are mounted using heavy-duty marine-grade stainless steel mounting hardware and our polypropylene-coated stainless steel strap.

A properly sized and installed solar pool heater will provide years of trouble-free operation, raising your pool's temperature 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit, extending – and often doubling – the length of your swimming season.

Hybrid Pool Heating System

Solar pool heaters can also work alongside your existing conventional pool heater, giving you the best of both worlds in comfort-control. Often referred to as a "hybrid pool heating system," solar provides the primary source of heat, while your existing heater serves as a backup.

Caution: Unless you are very familiar with working on roofs and have the proper ladders and safety equipment for such work, Solar Industries strongly recommends hiring someone with the necessary experience to do the installation. Failure to observe safe practices on a roof or other elevated structure may result in falling, leading to serious injury.

The Master Dealer Advantage

Our Master Dealers have installed our solar pool heaters on every shape and size roof there is – from flat to steep, and from barrel-tile to standing seam metal roofs and all types in between. When your Solar Industries Solar Pool Heating System is installed by a Master Dealer, you can rest assured knowing you have the experience, knowledge and attention to detail that comes with thousands of installations. If there is a Solar Industries Master Dealer near you, you simply will not find a better qualified contractor to install your solar pool heating system.


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Facts about solar pool heaters
"No more gas bills and lots more swimming!"

- Las Vegas, NV
"We swim until October… I get my money's worth from my swimming pool now!"

- Brick, NJ
"We researched all the options, and SI was the best buy at any price!"

- Palo Alto, CA
"For the first time in 32 years, we swam in May!"

- Portland, OR
"This thing is fantastic, it's doubled our swimming season and a temperatures where we enjoy the pool 200% more than without heat. Keep up the good work."
- Poquoson, VA
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