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A swimming pool is a fantastic investment, providing years of return in the form of backyard fun with family and friends. From backyard barbecues and pool parties, to invigorating early morning workouts and relaxing late night dips, a swimming pool can help transform your backyard into the escape you've always wanted.

But if you aren't currently heating your pool with solar heating, you're not maximizing your return on investment! While there's nothing quite like the luxurious warmth of your own heated pool, the cost of running traditional fossil-fuel heaters can be enough to turn your pool into just another hole in the ground.

If you have an unheated pool…

If your pool is not currently heated, your solar heater can pay for itself in as little as a year. While the upfront cost of installing a solar heater is comparable to that of a gas or electric heater, solar uses the sun's free energy – meaning no monthly energy bills.

Talk with your neighbors, friends and family who have similar-sized heated pools for an idea of average heating cost per month/season. Now, multiply that number by 15 seasons (the average life of a solar pool heater) – it should be obvious which heating solution will be the most economical over that length of time.

If you have an existing heater…

Does the high cost of running your fossil-fuel heater have you thinking about solar as a solution? Since the sun will never send you a bill, most solar pool heating systems on residential pools pay for themselves in three years or less!

Solar can also be installed to work in combination with your existing heater. This is often referred to as a "hybrid pool heater," and gives the pool owner the best of both worlds. By preheating pool water through the solar and using a fossil-fuel heater as a secondary source of heat, your energy bills can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated!

In the end, the benefits of a solar pool heating system extend far beyond saving money. With a solar heated pool, you can enjoy up to double your regular swim season – without the high energy bills.
That's a return on investment that lets you and your family enjoy your pool for all its worth.


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Facts about solar pool heaters
"No more gas bills and lots more swimming!"

- Las Vegas, NV
"We swim until October… I get my money's worth from my swimming pool now!"

- Brick, NJ
"We researched all the options, and SI was the best buy at any price!"

- Palo Alto, CA
"For the first time in 32 years, we swam in May!"

- Portland, OR
"This thing is fantastic, it's doubled our swimming season and a temperatures where we enjoy the pool 200% more than without heat. Keep up the good work."
- Poquoson, VA
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