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Why You Should Become a Dealer

Solar Swimming Pool Systems Gain Popularity

As the world increasingly focuses on "going green," our dealers are experiencing a spike in demand for solar swimming pool heating systems. It's a multi-million dollar industry that is just now beginning to really take off. Cash in on that growth. Become a solar pool heating dealer today. Fill out this simple form to get started.

Master Dealers in Solar Power Pool Heating

Distinguished dealers can attain Master Dealer status. Exceptional levels of performance and customer care earn you the title of Master Dealer and the following additional benefits that are exclusive to Master Dealers:

  • • Annual Sales Trips
  • • Regional Training Workshops and Seminars
  • • Master Dealer and Authorized Factory Service Center Certificates
  • • Extended Product Warranty
  • • Labor Warranty
  • • Builder Program
  • • Trade-In Allowance Program
  • • Consumer Advertising and Leads
  • • SEIA and NSPI Membership Rebates
  • • Master Dealer Co-Op Advertising Program
  • • Tabletop Display Booth

Three Ways to Profit

Solar Industries dealers can choose from any of profit structures. They range from low involvement/referral fee to high involvement/full profit retention.

Keep All Profits on Sales and Installation

The best way to make money in solar power pool heating is to take part in the Solar Industries Wholesale Program.

Solar Industries technicians give you hands on solar pool heating installation, repair, and sales training. You then buy at wholesale from the company and keep all the profits you make from the sales and installation.

Keep the Profits on Retail

If you prefer to not be involved in the installation process but still want to tap into the lucrative solar pool heater market, our Contract Program is a perfect fit for you.

With our Contract Program, we give you intense sales training on effective techniques for maximizing your sales of Solar Industries products. You then subcontract out any installations to Solar Industries technicians and keep the profit you made on the retail sale. The SI tech takes the process from there and installs the swimming pool heating system.

Collect Referral Fees

Our Referral Program is a really low-impact way to cash in on the solar pool heating trends. No installation or sales training is required. We send you a display that you place prominently in your store. Draw your customers' attention to the benefits of solar pool heating systems and earn a referral fee on all swimming pool heater sales.

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Facts about solar pool heaters
"No more gas bills and lots more swimming!"

- Las Vegas, NV
"We swim until October… I get my money's worth from my swimming pool now!"

- Brick, NJ
"We researched all the options, and SI was the best buy at any price!"

- Palo Alto, CA
"For the first time in 32 years, we swam in May!"

- Portland, OR
"This thing is fantastic, it's doubled our swimming season and a temperatures where we enjoy the pool 200% more than without heat. Keep up the good work."
- Poquoson, VA
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